About Us

Hello world! My name is Berris “Pri$m” Flemmings and I’m an abstract artist from Detroit, MI. My purpose is to inspire, empower, and motivate others through creative expression.

I create to release. Pour art follows the flow of feeling and the openness of the mind in order to express the thoughts, emotions, hopes, and fears that words can’t quite capture. My artwork  is the physical manifestation of my own personal “Soularverse”. 

I want my creations to bring inspiration and motivation to others through the connection of universal understanding. My art is for people who appreciate the beauty in the abstract, cosmic, and surreal; as well as people who appreciate vibrancy and uniqueness. Metaphysically, it’s for people with a sense of universal awareness, free spirited creatives with souls that long for authenticity, harmony, and release. 

My daily motivation is my faith in myself and the vision of the future I’m working to realize. Progression, growth, and evolution as an artist, as well as a person, inspires me every day to create a better tomorrow.